Play The Necromancer in The Shadows Online

Demo #6, May 11th 2020

Demo #6 adds the first real quest: meeting the witch Elia, killing a bunch of goblins, and then getting a health upgrade from her. I think most of the quest rewards in this game will be various upgrades: player health, damage, and speed, as well as skeleton summoning abilities.

I also wrote a third soundtrack piece for the goblin fight, I hop you like it. A full playthrough of the game now takes me 8 minutes, so I suspect a first-time player will experience about 20 minutes of playtime.

Click here to play on mobile.

Comments or feedback on the demo? Tweet at me with #thebotanistgame hashtag.


Demo 5

  • Fix touch controls
  • Fix Capture-the-Flag (CTF) bug where killing enemies doesn’t reset the timer
  • Create health potions

Demo 6

  • Hook up quests system
  • Player health, skeleton strength, etc, determined by inventory
  • Crossway park map
  • Marshlands map
  • Elane’s quest and reward

Demo 7

  • NPC work, fleshing out existing environments
  • Keep guardposts in inventory
  • Add a town

Demo 8

  • Add a couple of dungeons and quests

Demo 9

  • Introduce a second keep

Demo 10: The official demo

  • Polish controls, combat, sfx
  • Multi-platform release
  • Official demo