It’s admittedly been a few years since I’ve touched The Botanist. But now we’re in coronavirus lockdown and I’ve got some free time on my hands.

I’m diving back into The Botanist series with a game called The Necromancer in the Shadows. It takes place in The Botanist universe, in the land of the lady of shadows.

You are a Necromancer intent on taking over the world. You wake up unarmed in a jail cell, but your jailers do not know about your other abilities. Summoning a skeleton, you escape your jail cell and capture your first castle keep. From there you adventure on out into the world, going on quests, capturing new castles, and, in a tower-defense-like twist, defending your property.

For this game I’m moving to the very excellent Godot game engine. Godot has allowed me to crank out a prototype in just a matter of weeks, and I expect a playable demo version of the game will be live in midsummer 2020.